Warranty Information

Limited One-Year Warranty

Imagio Home warrants the construction and workmanship of this furniture product
to be free from defects in workmanship for 1 year, under normal household
use and service, following date of purchase and delivery to the original

A. Any product that is not properly maintained as suggested by Imagio Home.

B. Damage to product due to neglect, accidental or intentional damage or
misuse of this product.

C. All products intended for commercial or industrial use.

D. Products that are exposed to extremes in temperature and humidity, or
misuse will not be warranted.

E. A product that has been altered, modified, or damaged as a result of
repairing by anyone other than authorized dealer or representative of
Imagio Home.

Should service under this warranty be necessary, the consumer must return
the product to an authorized Imagio Home dealer. Repairs and replacement under
this warranty will be made by Imagio Home or any third party Imagio Home in its sole
discretion authorizes at no charge to the purchaser.

If the authorized dealer or factory representative finds a return to the factory
necessary, all packaging and shipping costs will be prepaid by the consumer.
Return shipping will be freight prepaid to the authorized dealer making the
recommendation. The consumer shall pay all costs for delivery to the dealer
and for any delivery fees from the dealer to the consumer.

Expressly excluded by this warranty is liability for consequential property or
commercial damages. This is a limited warranty.

This warranty is limited to the original purchaser of this product. It will be
valid provided the product is still being manufactured.

Email: CustomerSupport@intercon1.com

Phone: 1.855.205.7530